Sunday, December 16, 2007

kayak course II

today was a longer day compared to yesterday, because there wasn't any rain!

shelter no more; we went further out from our "playground" (the hand mark on the map) to mid-promenade towards Sheares Bridge. The currents are much stronger, but we managed to get there anyway. Did some amount of paddling, drawing of water and did a TX rescue technique, by capsizing.

after the lunch break we went out too, however towards Oasis/Look-out tower. Man, the current was darn strong! There was the climax - Mary gave an apple to everyone (to eat la), then we did a mass capsize, then attempted to perform rescue with another person, etc until everyone was rescued. Capsized twice cos' my kayak was 30% waterlogged after the 1st rescue, then went back much later than the rest.... now i'm so familiar with capsizing myself =x

during the debrief everyone was awarded the 1-star certificate, and encouraged to go for further certification. Hope i can perfect my basics, then consider taking the 2-star course.

there are 2 regrets from this course:
- should have taken it earlier, it's so fun!
- should have protected myself with a sunblock. Now my skin is... cooked. Red and PAINFUL. That even with a shirt on i feel the pain. Ouch...

I'm badly burnt.

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