Wednesday, December 26, 2007

hong kong december 2007 - day 1

actually i should be offline for today, cos the hotel i'm staying charges MOP120 (SGD24) for every day of internet usage. But i plugged in the network cable happily, to my horror an IP address was obtained and i could surf (MOP120 flew away instantly)...

day 1 (18th) - Changi Airport --> HK International Airport --> Macau (SkyPier transfer)
arrived at T2 row 7 for checking in of my baggage. Do note those potential online check-in peeps, you still have to join a queue at row 9 to "fast" check-in your stuff. The queue is the same as row 7 or 8, no difference. Went for mac's breakfast meals after dumping our bags (mine was 12.5kg, the heaviest =x).

the flight was delayed by 30 mins due to problems with the inflight entertainment system. The system was the older version in SQ860, so the look-and-feel is IMO same, or even worse compared to Cathay Pacific's one. The clarity is bad, navigation so-so. Only the gourmet menu saved the day; with a printed menu with a list of available drinks and meals. Taking SQ is not always the best decision after all...

Boarding pass

Looked like my Micro Genius joystick

upon landing we looked for the ferry transfer signages, so that we can skip town and transfer to Macau via SkyPier. It's indeed seamless - we skipped immigration clearance, bought the tickets for 2.00pm and the luggages were handled by the sea transporter, TurboJET Sea Express service. We didn't see our luggages at all at HKIA. Then we proceeded to Gate 10, which is somewhat like a bus berth. A bus took us out of HKIA, towards World Expo and finally SkyPier. After 45 minutes of napping on the fastcraft, we reached Macau's Ferry Terminal.

we walked out of the arrival gates without claiming our luggage =x kinda shakened by the flight and searide. Then, the confusion at the ferry terminal - wanted to take a bus to our hotel, but the signs are all in Chinese and messy. Settled for a taxi.

the evening was spent on walking around Senado Square and The Venetian casino. As the Venetian is in Taipa's Cotai Strip, we went to/fro via the Friendship Bridge/Macau-Taipa Bridge. It's my first time going to a casino, and really amazing to see people ploughing HKD1000 bills like drinking water. After suppering i'm back here trying to maximise my MOP120 internet... lolz.

One unnamed church opposite Senado Square

Senado Square in the evening

A river channel specially created by Venetian

The same goes for the interior too

Gents of the Venetian casino

It's really big - betting tables like these all over the place

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