Tuesday, October 23, 2007


life has been slow on sunday and monday.

sunday was spent sneezing and wheezing, then i couldn't take it anymore. Actually i was refining my CS3265 report and decided that enough is enough. Have already refined until my blood was everywhere on the floor. Went off to Chinatown to get my hairgel, blackhead remover plus soap. Really cheap, that's why i find it worthwhile to make the trip down.

after that was minor window shopping at Funan, since i wanted to unwind. Walked around happily with a cup of Mcd's ILT :) although i was alone la. Then i took a slow walk from Funan to Esplanade, across Padang. I felt really good; even sat down near Esplanade bridge to open my eyes and ears to the tranquil surroundings.

monday was hell of an hectic day though. It's zw and wx's turn to skip CS2250 this week, after my disappearance last week. Only managed to meet them just before the CS3265 lecture. Then we handed up our project report and powerpoint slides. Finally case closed.

met Ben, a freshie and ex-NYPian at the Computing Helpdesk. I almost fainted when he 'reminded' me of a 20% closed book test for CS2250 in 2 weeks time. I couldn't remember there was such a test to start with! How to prepare? Seriously, i need some joss sticks for this test.

there seemed to be some disagreements on the attire to wear for our presentation tomorrow, because some of us are presenting and some are not. In the end, i had to intervene and make a stand, but still couldn't satisfy everyone. I'm sorry if anyone is not feeling at their best of moods. Just have to accept the way it is now.

Inaugural walk up the rooftop

Went to LTL-3 to play with new AV setup. Cool remote~

My favourite Ferrari bus -
this particular one is the last Habit bus shipped from Germany in 2004

just printed my CS3214 report, with a cover page named "Known faults" for CH's note. The 130-page report is 90% ready for Thurs submission. Hope to get rid of the remaining 10% by tomorrow. I hope so!

Happy birthday to Peilin!

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