Thursday, September 13, 2007

compelled to blog

i was actually on my bed at this hour, going to meet my dream lover with some love songs piped through my Samsung U600 and my new SonyEricsson HBH-DS980 bluetooth headset. Got this headset because i tested Jason's (Teo) HBH-DS970 3 days back, and it was excellent. Jiayou oh Jason!!! =D

just finished supper with Gy and his spouse, and Eze. I messaged Wenqun then, since we didn't meet for almost 2 weeks.

as i was turning in, received a call from him. As usual some people fell sick because of the flu bug, and he's one of the unlucky ones. Maybe the pigs are in bad shape this period, don't know why. My headaches refuse to go off too. Or maybe someone is trying to 打小人 (i'm rather superstitious, thanks to my mum).

we talked, and i told him my concerns about what i read off the blog. What he said confirmed my guesses, and therefore i brought my laptop onto my bed and started typing.

i'm having different emotions running in me after hearing from him. Although i'm considered a 3rd party and the view is pretty one-sided, there are things i still need to say. I don't want anyone to walk the path i walked and have regrets. Especially close friends. Let's search my heart now:

- angry
- sad
- disappointed

why angry? Because this situation is incredibly nonsensical. Friends are there for us, to act as a pillar of support. If you are feeling robbed of your friend, search your heart. Have you thought for your friend's happiness? What are you concerned with, your friend's happiness or YOUR happiness? What are you trying to do by running someone else's life?

why sad? This part goes out to Wenqun. I'm sad because the relationship appeared to be controlled by external factors (again). Through his tone, i can sense the urgency to solve the matter and move on with you (ting). In case you're still at a loss - Wenqun is prepared to brave the fire with you. He's not trying to press you for a decision, but seeing that you are being tormented by the situation now he has to do something.

why disappointed? If i were you, there is no decision to make in the first place. I told jun last weekend, that the matter is straightforward. Because your life ahead will be with him, not her. Although i'm sounding harsh, but i will be frank - If you need to be selfish, so be it. If your friends are going to blame you for that, so be it. If the latter happens, the years of friendship are worthless anyway. Because they have no confidence in you.

if they have prejudice with Wenqun, so be it either. BUT

i'm spoiling for a fight. Pick on me if i'm the cause of a prejudice towards Wenqun. Don't destroy your friend's relationship because you feel justified in doing so.


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oooh. the plot thickens.

looks like the power of Google has been harnessed by you.

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