Thursday, September 13, 2007


let me tell you people a story. I'm using the automotive way of naming objects, so bear with me.

there was a time, long long ago in Singapore.

maybe not that long, few months only.

there was a boy called Daihatsu. He was together with a girl called Chery QQ.

initially, Daihatsu and Chery QQ went along fine. However, both of them had different point of views, and had many arguments because of that.

as Daihatsu's relationship is a first for him, there were understandably some times where he couldn't react in the best way. Daihatsu had a friend called Chevrolet. So Chevrolet, Saab, Volvo and etc plus their spouses, Audi, etc sat down with Daihatsu over many kopi sessions. Yes, Daihatsu had faults, but the boys didn't shield him either. They counselled Daihatsu to persevere and let time do the job.

however, there was an incident that caused Daihatsu and Chery QQ to reach the ultimatum. The silly (sorry my friend, just for this post) Daihatsu went to contact Geely under the table, Chery QQ's close friend because the former is going through a bad patch. It was under the table, because Chery QQ had a strict don't-touch-other-China-car-models policy. However the tables got turned upside down, Chery QQ swiftly did something that caught the entire car industry by an even bigger surprise. Daihatsu had to evaluate his relationship with Chery QQ because he was so hurt that the trust was in fact as thin as a parking coupon after all. So he made the decision (to break up).

of course, Daihatsu's friends told him "why you so itchy handed?". However, Chery QQ's response left us speechless. Daihatsu was already disillusioned, yet he kenna this nonsense. We too couldn't offer any good explanation for that.

Daihatsu moved on rather quickly. He had a personality like his father, Toyota, swift and direct. As fate also might have helped out, Daihatsu had the understanding of Suzuki, who was quite a contrast from Chery QQ. They improved on themselves and are trying their best in the new relationship.

one day, Chevrolet blogged about Chery QQ. It was a superficial mention. Yet Chery QQ fired up, serving a notice to Chevrolet to respect intellectual property rights (IPR). Chevrolet gentlemanly complied, even though he only mentioned the brand name.

weeks went by. Daihatsu and Suzuki have been doing well, however there was the Nissan who didn't like Daihatsu (probably car too old, or reputation is poor). Chevrolet prompted blogged about it with a lot of fire, because it could be linked to him.

Chery QQ also blogged. She mentioned how creaky Daihatsu was, now that she has a Volkswagen. Chevrolet is wondering whether Chery QQ is trying to be funny because the post came after Chevrolet's one. Should Chevrolet remind her of the past notices she served?

now, the Chinese's famous 说一套做一套 is verified to be true.

Chery QQ is playing a game in disguise, so Chevrolet is doing tit-for-tat. Now time is telling the truth, for the US, Japanese and German car manufacturers too. Not only yours, Chery QQ.

Saab, Volvo, Daihatsu do inform Chevrolet after reading this parody. He cares about Total Quality Management (TQM) for this article.

(CheryQQ, i'm already patient enough to say only certain things here. Don't bother to serve a notice again. If you're not happy, go read your past notices. If you're still not happy, shut down your factories by pressing Alt+F4. Don't get Daihatsu involved at this time too, if you have some conscience left.)


Faye said...
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zhiming said...

Chery QQ should ask for a clarification before assuming things - as "came in the picture" part.

who will do the clarification? Chevrolet is not going to do it. In fact no one owes Chery QQ an explanation because everything is over, as far she is concerned.

no, Chevrolet took an hour to compose the posting. After that, he went to bed.