Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Customer Portfolio is updated (finally)

in 2003, i developed this JSP-based application to keep a record of computers i assembled for people. It was also to flex my programming muscle before i flex my physical muscle (hehe) for the next 2.5yrs then.

it was based on a 3 tiered architecture (MVC) implemented as JavaBeans. The initial version was limited to listing the records only; i had to manually edit the database to update information.

in 2004 or 2005, the database was upgraded to MySQL. Due to the tiered concept much less work was done during migration.

in 2007, i decided to add editing capabilities (Add/Edit/Delete) to the records. The task was made more difficult because my list of processors in CPU table was badly outdated. However, editing is still incomplete in the sense that my CPU and Hard disk tables are still manually edited. However it is sufficient for the purpose of the application.

a potential future update might be the use of JSTL or recent techniques to prevent my skills from aging. We'll see then.

v2.0 URL: http://mantou.2y.net/CustPF
v1.0 URL: http://mantou.2y.net/CustPFv1
Guest account to login: guest, guest

read more about the last 2 rigs i assembled.

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