Sunday, June 24, 2007

st mobile bill - oracle vision!?

zm: edited on 27th - added pictures

my bro is back! however for the wrong reason; down with fever and flu. Hope he recovers fast to go back for training again. Sometimes when there's a first, there's never a last.

went to town to look at some stuff with YX again. Then, we went to Botak Jones at Braddell (near Lee Fan). We realised we had little cash on reaching, then we went around Lor 1 and 8 to search for ATMs at their mini town centres... nil! Omg!

TPY North 970

Botak Jones!

glad michelle is ok now! No need for lollipops. haha...

there's this content provider Oracle Vision that appeared on my ST Mobile bill. $5 only. Why i'm so geh gao? Because i didn't subscribe to the damn content in the first place. Called 1626 last month, and this shit reappeared for 2nd time -.-.

TrueTones? simi lai eh?

if the darn $5 appears for the 3rd time, i'm not calling 1626 anymore. Since the calls were logged, i make sure they return me every $5 i shelled out while waiting for their inefficient staff to cancel this service.

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