Sunday, June 24, 2007

simlim shopping, airport roaming

woke up late thanks to the long insurance writeup yesterday.

i wanted to Simlim to get a 2GB microSD card for Vincent and mine's U600 toy, which i happily settled for Sandisk after some price checks ($36 per 2GB). Didn't feel safe getting from the ABNN shops. I'm not racist, but sources of some of their goods are dubious; eg. parallel import thus real cheap. I believe in spending a bit more and enjoy better after sales support ... choy!

z-nix's auntie offered me $28 for a cakebox of 50 pcs Verbatim DVD+R media (Made in Japan). It's cheap, thus i got 1.

met my cousin and Johnny, they were shopping around for a laptop. Of course i happily obliged to accompany them for some sales talk. After my dinner at basement, i took a short walk from Bencoolen Street to North Bridge Road, passing by SMU and Malaysian Embassy.

I wanted to take 147 or 166 to Funan. However the NDP rehearsal at Marina has caused some jams

The pains of driving

SMU's SIS. For DBI peeps, you can consider this degree. Fyi, it's more management based (duh)

Modern uni!

Fort Canning Tunnel

reached Funan to search for the SE Bluetooth stereo headset i was interested. But no thanks, Challenger is selling it at too steep a price. Mobilesquare is only offering at $145, versus Challenger's $188. Or i shall pass this and wait for HBH-DS980 to come instead.

I don't really like the orange casing and plastic-metallic buttons

left on SBS 36 to Changi Airport, since i had nothing to do. So today was a photo shooting trip.

SBS 2730P - transmission needs some servicing, too loud

Terminal 1 - crowded with people waiting for their loved ones

The new Skytrain waiting area!

Terminal 2

It's close to 15-20 years old, but it still looks modern

i chanced upon a large group of teens wearing green, and i realised all of them are NYPians, from Chinese Orchestra! I believe they're leaving for an event in Australia (AIMF). Lucky ones who can run away when term is restarting next week!

supper was with GY and Eze. Saw 0502 Jocelyn's boy at 211! Look forward to gathering next week!

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