Thursday, May 17, 2007

hong kong march 2007 - day 3

Being someone who is unable to wake up on time, I nearly missed the race when my colleague also missed his alarm. We literally raced to wash up, change and ran to catch the MTR to TST, where the starting point is. As a result, I didn’t get to meet XH today too.

HK’s racing atmosphere was much better. There was support from the authorities (MTR and KCR started earlier to bring participants to starting point), widespread media coverage and also cheerleaders along the way. Although the smog was bad, the cooler temperature made up for it. However, the last 3km of the run was marred by the crowd of 10km runners, and the steep slope of the expressway flyover made it even more terrible. Maybe a very poor or essentially non-existent training regime has contributed too. I finished the race with a ‘record’ timing of 2 hours 42 mins, the worst ever.

There was some confusion because I went to HKU’s (香港大学) mustering area to return the chip and realized the baggage return area was at Wan Chai Stadium. After so much ding-dong, went to Sogo at CWB to get the “laopo-bing”, costing me HKD 340!

Probably due to fatigue, my headache came again despite resting for few hours. Still went to Wong Tai Sin Temple (黄大仙祠) anyway, at WTS MTR. There was a strong crowd as it was the 15th of the lunar month. Many worshippers were kneeling at the entrance, asking for advice. The place was so smoky and my headache worsened.

Wong Tai Sin Temple. Place to get 'zhen zhi'.

A fire has broken out here.

Then dragged myself back to Mongkok, and made the purchase for my jacket, sling bag and polo t-shirt for my brother, costing a damage of HKD 780 at Toronto Sports. My headache got slightly better, and we ate an early dinner at Sushi Tei, King Wah Centre. Walked around at TST and found some pretty girls advertising at a new computer centre. Then proceeded back to Hotel for a much needed rest.

HKD 225 sushi meal. For Sushi Tei it's a good deal

My camera is not so good. She looked better in person.

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