Thursday, May 17, 2007

hong kong march 2007 - day 2

Today was supposed to be a lighter day to prepare for the half marathon tomorrow. So we decided to cover Mongkok, then Causeway Bay and back via the Star Ferry (天星渡轮). What we didn’t expect is some crazy shopping that made us walk beyond imagination!

After breakfast at our café joint near our Hotel, we walked to Tung Choi Street North, which is better known as Goldfish Street (金魚街). As we were too early, not many shops are opened, but it was quite an eye opener at the way fishes and aquatic plants were sold. Further downwards is the Southern counterpart, the famous Ladies Street (女人街) where many goods are apparently sold at a high price. I saw some fakes there, such as the Diesel sling I bought from Shanghai. We moved to another road parallel to it, the Sai Yeung Choi (Watercress) Street. There were lots of electronics products such as MP3 players, laptops, handphones up for sale. After some technological updates, we walked to Fa Yuen (Garden) Street, with many shops selling sports gears, thus acquiring a title of 波鞋街. We stopped here for a long time to window-shop for jackets and sport shoes.

Goldfish Street. Cichlids being sold in packets!

I'm always charitable not only in Singapore, but HK (some say Shanghai) too.

Cheap? U decide, just divide by 5. If you need a bigger version of this tell me.

Ladies Street

We came across Mongkok Computer Centre (旺角电脑中心) at Nelson Street. Wanted to buy their flash media as it is cheaper than Singapore, however due to warranty issues we held back. This place can be likened to a more cosy and low-ceiling version of Sim Lim Square.

I wouldn't want to be here when a fire breaks out =x

We wanted to eat the sushi restaurant we saw yesterday at Wan Chai (JJ Hotel). I think it’s a buffet style sushi for HKD 42 per pax. However upon sitting down, we realized there are only 6 free varieties, and I ended up aiming to finish at least 10 plates to make it worthwhile. We stopped at 188 Oriental Shopping Centre (东方188商场), besides the usual PS and Wii consoles, there were some shops selling Japanese videos! The entrances were decorated with a half curtain and a cosy interior. No photos, I’m sorry.

JJ Lin's hotel? Probably not

Cheated by this sushi restaurant =(

From Wan Chai we walked towards Causeway Bay, past Tin Hau Lane, into the market street near Canal Road (坚拿道西). There were lots of fresh produce and some food outlets. Seafood are extremely fresh because prawns and fishes are taken out from the water upon purchase. One even jumped onto the street ground, and the seller simply just picked it up and threw it back into the water! We then continued towards CWB (tested our ATM cards at Dao Heng/DBS Bank too) via Hennessy Road, Lockhart Road (坚拿道西) and Great George Street. Shopping centres such as Times Square, Sogo, Paterson, Windsor House, etc are found here. The 10th to 12th floor of Windsor House carries computer products, however in a more “Funan” fashion. I got my Samsung Pleomax keyboard costing around HKD 160 here.

Market crowd

My camera *wandered* around

Causeway Bay or Tung Lo Wan

Windsor House 10th floor - Funan smell

After combing the whole stretch, we walked along Gloucester Road and briefly stopped at the Victoria Park (维多利亚公园), before turning back via Sugar Street. We caught a double deck tram along the way and stopped at Wan Chai for dinner. Found a restaurant selling duck rice at Stewart Road and decided to try it. Not bad!

I like to read maps. In case i get lost...

Dinner was inside here

Where to get a ferry ride for HKD $2.20 or SGD $0.44?

After a well deserved dinner, we took the Star Ferry at the pier beside HK Convention and Exhibition Centre (香港会议展览中心) to Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀), where we watched The Symphony of Lights (维港夜景幻彩咏香江) and walked along the Avenue of Stars (星光大道). Did a u-turn and walked along Salisbury Road, Hankow Road and the famous Nathan Road (弥敦道). Covered Nathan Road up to Jordan MTR, bought HKD 650 worth of items from my favourite S&K before going back Hotel for a rest.

Victoria Harbour - vicky proud anot? So many things named after you.

Nice view in the evening

Back to TST for brief shop

Park Lane, row of branded labels

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