Sunday, August 16, 2009

batam august 2009

had a wonderful time over the national day celebrations. Stayed at the resort-chalet styled Harris for a night, and went to look at places such as Barelang bridge, Batam Center and Nagoya.

we (who? secret =p) got a room in the newer block, it was well furnished with a sleeping sofa beside the tv. Lots of empty space and a balcony to look at the terrific pool below. Had our dinner at Arirang Japanese-Korean restaurant, then went back to rest. Truly relaxation with a light itinerary.


Looking out from the balcony

Barelang Bridge #1

Soup and rice from KFC?? I liked the soup a lot.

transportation wasn't that pleasant though, with aging taxi fleets and poor traffic condition. But we can't ask for the best everywhere we go right? Anyway this wasn't a big problem.

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