Tuesday, June 2, 2009

job searching, interviews, (repeat)

to date i've knocked on the doors of about 50 employers. Not real doors though, only their email inboxes. Through the online agents such as JobStreet, JobsDB and JobsCentral. Along the way, recruitment agents got my information through the portals and job applications and contacted me too.

still, the chances of being shortlisted for an interview is really, really rare. Yes, rare neither occasional nor frequent. I just went for my 1st, with ST Electronics (ISS). I knew that company and some of their staff through the former SES back in army days. Surprising what i did in army became of use in the interview!

maybe i'm having tough luck due to my salary expectation and what i'm trying to apply for. I'm willing to go a little lower for IT operations and support (+ management executive roles or similarly non IT ones), but not willing to budge for software development jobs. The latter can be extremely intensive, i'd make sure my time is well compensated.

there are 3 more interviews, but i'm thinking of canceling one. I need more interviews, please.

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