Tuesday, February 10, 2009

newbie to motoring (poisonous)

when one really gets into something, there will surely be poisonous stuff along the way. Say as a result of my computing hobby, i have tons of vintage hard drives, tons of old memory modules plus many other spare parts. I think it's happening to my new possession, and must take care to differentiate between the needs-vs-wants.

some highlights:

K&N oil based drop in filter

As the description says, just drop into the air filter box and latch up

RainX for the rainy days

The dirt remover

read so many types of mods for the air intake; drop-in, cold air induction (CAI), etc. I'm not keen to make any real alterations to the engine bay, so decided on the drop-in variant instead. Then there is the K&N oil based vs Hurricane stainless steel drop-in. Saw someone selling the K&N more than half price off, so went for that. The improvement is quicker up-gear response for slopes.

picked up the RainX and Black&Decker at Autobacs BB... trust me it's a poisonous place to be.

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