Wednesday, January 21, 2009


before the collection day, WQ and his gf, plus me went to Old Airport Road hawker centre.

had escargot gong gong for the first time!

Gong Gong! Sotong! Kang kong!

Chicken CHOP

drove a rental car from Eazi Car Leasing last tuesday. WQ drove me to Turf City to collect the car. The staff looked rather beng-ish, but their service attitude is still good. Just don't act tough while talking to them lah. They even washed the car before i took over.

with the ex-policeman beside me it's difficult to get lost. Went to many places as far as the airport, kent ridge, 99 bends, did vertical parking, mscp and expressway driving to boost my confidence on the road. Had some near misses, such as assuming there's a filter lane when there isn't, nearly crashed into a container lorry, and went too near to some structures.

Fit 2008

Compact and zippy car

now the more important pictures:

Civics in line

if you realised, my parking is not centered...

Engine compartment

going for 40,000km servicing this weekend. Hope i can learn more about the engine then.

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