Tuesday, January 6, 2009

fishing trip last sunday

fished out some pictures from my Diamond, although these were taken last year (New Year Eve) it's well worth to publish them:

Shiok! But what is Ms Tan rubbing ...?

Ladies, massage your guy with this from the kitchen.

had the first fishing trip with them for 2009. Shupei was supposed to turn up, but had too much drinks. Aiyo, teacher ah teacher...

i seen a few more new spots this time. Even went the fenced off borders of Ubin.

had sporadic rain which made us roll down the canvas, then it stopped after 5 minutes -.-

caught lots of small fishes who were schooling around existing structures. Dropped my line down and instantly fishes were pulling the baits away! Learnt to cast the fish line further too.

2 in a row

To be updated: don't know what name. But nice silvery fish
Got 10+ of them.

Stressed up sergeant majors. Food for the bigger fishes

This stonefish looked uglier than my catfish man.
But they say catfish is uglier! Omg!

Best catch of the day - Jin Mu Lu


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