Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the parting shot of an undergraduate... ?

i had to put a question mark, because i'm simply feeling uncertain of my statistics results. Other than that...

The walkway to and fro SoC

Walked it so many times...

my university days started rather badly.

i left a relationship before i matriculated into computing, that was in mid 2006. It was quite a silent blow, because nothing happened initially. The confidence i carried over from poly was misplaced - my studies went southward with pressure from work and the loss of a person that was close to me. Work weren't busy, but i dwelled in it, to forget what i went through. With this mis-focus, everything nearly crumbled down just before my 1st exam. Only a few will know what really happened.

over the next 4 semesters it was really discouraging to pull my points up from the bottom. Still, i have tried and tried. After the dismal first semester (plus academic warning from Vice Dean), i started to immerse myself in undergraduate life, with some tough modules such as CS3214 and many interesting non CS modules, SSB2216 HRM, etc. Deadlines come and go, my friends and i felt we were chasing them all the time. What a stark difference from poly where deadlines can be comfortably met. This semester, i had only 4 days to study before exams started.

the point is no longer at pit bottom, but i wished i have started off in a better state.

in a flash of an eye (not that fast, but it felt so), 2.5 years have passed. In this last semester, i didn't want to leave. Things progressed too quickly; i felt i spent too little time in campus. There wasn't much involvement because of my work outside and i opted out of hostel stays. With my poor results, i didn't get to go for overseas exchange too. But what has to end has to end, and i really hope my results can make it.

i'll leave the goodbye out until 23rd comes. Good luck to all peeps who filed for graduation.

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Cross Road Pedestrian said...

dude, what you wrote is actually what i felt.. time passed too fast, the current economy situation and not experiencing everything around us.

maybe i should blog about it too..