Wednesday, December 31, 2008

dec 25th to 31st

quite many things happened, but didn't have the time (nor sufficient photos) to blog them up. So i'll try my best to provide a coherent picture.

my pocket had 2 big holes. The first hole was made at Courts Megatex, a Toshiba Regza LCD (RV500 series). Fell prey to those bidding style selling tactics dangling ultra low prices with lots of free stuff. Luckily, that Regza was quite a good one; full HD 42', 3 HDMI ports, $100 NTUC vouchers for just $1399.

Colours weren't as brilliant as Samsung or Sony though

2 troublesome chores followed with this tv. Had to move the existing 34' CRT into my father's room, and prepare a spare PC so the new tv can play Bukit Timah movies or surf net on it. The CRT was damn heavy, and i kinda pulled my muscle while carrying it.

i couldn't remember doing anything useful on Xmas. Maybe i did something but forgot. Update this later if i can recall.

boxing day was with army peeps, dining at AMK's famous crab stall. That stall has taken over the entire coffeeshop space after renovation. Diedie must make reservation unless you prefer to stand outside and queue until you salivate by looking at people eating crabs for 1-2 hours.

Lined up with crabs, literally

Quite a nice dining ambience



27th was at JB. Was having a bad headache (the case recently), took painkillers and slept but still no use. Decided this was no good, took a cold shower plus some of my own methods to get myself better. Indeed it was gone by the time we got past the causeway jams and City Square crowd. The photos are with the various people, i felt so in pain that i just brought myself and my passport in.

28th was the day my pocket burnt a 2nd hole - Vaio Z. Below photos courtesy of my brother, the innards are taken by me. So you can see an obvious difference in quality.


"I can last long, or i can finish it quickly... "

The Apple-d keys

Innards (bottom left the hard drive, right side is optical)

The keyboard

didn't really want to open it up, but the Toshiba 5400rpm hard disk was feeling laggy. I have my Hitachi 7200rpm screamer, so there wasn't any reason not to swap.

changed the OS to Vista 64 bit after burning out my recovery discs. Hit some snags because 64 bit isn't officially supported on the Z series yet, but the 64 bit signed drivers are still available online. After getting them installed, the whole experience was as normal as my previous laptops.

other than that, this model is a good buy despite being the first generation of the Z series. The current upgrade to this Z17 is Z27, which comes with a 7200rpm hard disk default from factory, Blu-ray optical drive & premium carbon lid. Both are retailing at the same price of $4299, but i got a hefty discount from mc2.

i can now safely say ThinkPads are reliable (i dropped mine few times, proven) and has a good support and drivers base, LifeBooks are simple to use and upgrade but software support is not that top notch. Vaios look absolutely stylish, but software support is rather poor. Also notable, Sony disabled VT permanently, so for those who need hardware assisted virtualization especially on 64-on-64 platforms will be out of luck.

lastly, my driving revisions are in overdrive mode. It's getting more stable now, and i hope it remains this way for the test next week.

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