Thursday, November 6, 2008

what will be my job in 3 months?

IF nothing goes wrong, i would be finishing my studies in a matter of 4 weeks.

over the past few months, i listened to a number of advice, from those in the infocomm industry (or those who deals with infocomm indirectly, but still rather intensively such those from my current workplace).

i was bathing just now, and i thought i have identified my choices as i was soaping up and down.

first of all, i believe in work life balance. What i personally experienced, seen and heard so far has changed my view of a good job. Now, given this understanding, read on.

while i'm being trained for the technology industry so far, i'm hesitant to accept a full blown career in it, especially software development. Not that i'm not confident in my skillset, but i have other interests that i'm keen to explore.

an interest would be in writing. Writing for the mass, a focus group, giving my audience a piece of my views. So far some well wishers thought of this route as difficult, because i'm not trained in mass communications. I still feel otherwise, because a piece of writeup does not simply depend on how technically well versed the author is. I find myself interested in Asia Pacific politics, social affairs in general, and of course consumer technology. This is a job offer i would not resist in taking up, given favourable conditions.

another interest will be in hospitality, human resource or front line. These areas are rather large to define, but to summarise it - i believe in serving the needs of a related customer well, yet i also believe in having my colleagues working towards that goal too.

the last yet significant interest will be to serve my alma mater. I prefer to use 'serve', because i'm grateful for the conducive and open environment, as a former student and staff. I consider being accepted as a full time staff as an uphill task and something i won't dare to wish for right now, because i look bad in my academic department.

i know a person of my age would be running a small risk in exploration, but i don't mind it. As least, i won't regret in my thirties or forties, that i have only managed to carve a career in a single industry.

after saying so much, if you know of such jobs that seem to be what i'm looking for, and the company will benefit with such a person like me - please drop me a message at:

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