Monday, September 22, 2008

tampopo restaurant

someone recommended me to try a japanese restaurant, so we went. The original one shifted to Jurong West apparently, but she said the alternative one is also nice - tampopo.

according to an article in 2005, the Liang Court store was opened by Mr Takaaki Takagi, a former CEO of Pokka Singapore. Now, there is an additional Tom Ton branch at central, a reduced range of japanese cuisine (but still packs a punch). The must-try, as recommended by themselves, is the shabu shabu ramen, which uses ramen from Kyushu, black pig slices, and pig bone soup that is prepared 2 days beforehand.

given such laborious preparation, everyone should give it a try. I tried it, the pork slices are not really fatty, yet tasted unique. Also ordered a maguro temaki. Generous serving of maguro slices.

Chilli powder is added on request, non-chilli lovers can enjoy too!

Black swine, my family.

ot abit - i saw my frog at kino! Too bad i don't know their native language!


Giroro on the left, Tamama and Keroro!!!

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