Friday, August 15, 2008

meal at union farm (between maju and SIM)

have not been updating my blog, because of new happenings in my life. Life matters are more important =)

anyway, school started without much ado. My timetable is light for these 2 weeks, except for the CS1280 assignment 1 due next monday (yes, so soon). Had sore throat for few days, thus skipped CS3266 lecture to visit the wellness center on campus. Talking about CS3266, the system to be developed is interesting and challenging.

earlier, we updated each other on the happenings, and my classmates were unsure whether i can cope with everything. I think i can do it, since i have the full support from them and of course, she.

fast forward to this union farm restaurant. If you drive or take 184 from Clementi Road, it is located after Maju Camp and before SIM. Have only one comment:

it sucks.

i can probably sing some praises about their highlight, the paper wrapped chicken. But there are big problems too -

1. quantity too little. We ordered Set B, which is $138. For $138 i can have a nice zi char with my family, nieces and nephew. Yet for the dishes that came, the quantity simply did not match the price.

2. high price of other items. The wheatgrass and barley drinks we ordered cost $14.00+ in all. That works out to $2.00+ per pax, which is daylight robbery. Pickles cost $6. Mind you, the pickles were simply cabbage that were processed to taste somewhat sour. I can buy 1kg of cabbage with $6.

3. no plain rice. The set included fried rice, which comes from plain rice. So when the man told me there wasn't plain rice, i thought i wasn't in Singapore. This is the most absurd moment.

Very old and ancient place by Singapore's standard


There were more dishes - fish and prawns that came later
Steve doing the photographing

Kelvin and zw

Kenny, wx and wk

i guarantee i won't go back to the restaurant.


Little Miss Sunshine said...

haha, I went there once too and I totally agree with you!! It's just terrrible.

zhiming said...

ouch. So there's another victim.