Friday, July 25, 2008

a series of meetings + marutama ramen

i met so many people yesterday.

saw GH at cwp. Actually he saw me walking briskly to the foodcourt. Normally i walk very fast along that stretch, because i'm hungry. Since he had extra time, we sat down, i had my lunch and we chatted. Talked about girls as usual (what more can guys think of). Gave him some updates which i didn't blog about.

then i went funan, since it was nearby my dining venue. Saw lots of stuff - chic looking USB hubs, pocket SDHC card readers and nice laptops. Went online while sitting around at mac, and found drew was nearby. So he is working at Aldephi. He had to go after a while, and i too made my way out.

had ramen at this Marutama at Central Mall. I think Miharu is nicer, in terms of ambience and the ramen itself. But the topping/ala carte is better.

the damage was astronomical. $60 for 3 bowls of noodles, each topped up with a braised tamago plus a plate of "rou ding". But not far away from Miharu actually.

Free flow of cold water

Only 3 main courses - clean selection

This refill is unique. I tried it, it really filled my stomach

Their kakuni tasted like the canned "rou ding". But nice

Dave's $15 (nutty stock) Aka ramen

My $12 spicy Nama (sounds crude) ramen. HK took the plain one.

Ya kun for post dinner tea-break

got home and prepared my tools. WB offered to drive me over to his place, thanks. Kompressors are damn comfy to sit in, btw.

spent an hour plus tidying up his new computer, spanking new C2D E8500, Asus 9800GTX, Corsair DHX 4GBs, etc. Then we discovered a problem - the Samsung DVD reader just wouldn't load his Vista Home Premium media. So he had to go back to sls for an exchange.

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