Friday, July 4, 2008

i'm sleepy

this week has been a torturing week. Every day is work, work and work.

luckily there are things that take the boredom out of work, these include:

- a book "Rich dad poor dad". An excellent read.

- bro signed up Singtel BBOM on my behalf. We agreed to split the subscription (well, $11/month). He can take the unlimited data SIM and surf to his hearts' content in camp. I can use the compact thumbdrive modem with HK's starhub data SIM. Why did i spend $180 earlier then? =x

- office PC couldn't install the modem properly. Formatted it, installed Vista. Brought my spare 3GB RAM and used it constructively, until i find a use for it at home.

- SIT club peeps. Have some rapport with them. They are planning to invite my colleagues and me for their AGM next month. It's positive for us (as in System Management Group) because TSOs are often viewed as unfriendly and unsupportive. I see it as a kind of branding and customer relationship management with the student representatives.

jason came by today, had a short chat. It's quite different between a working adult and studying adult. He's so well dressed, yet i'm always so casual. I'm beginning to love being casual, beginning to have headaches when it comes to wearing formal, which is the inevitable soon. And the daunting fate of being stuck in an office cubicle from 9-6pm...

can i find a job that allows me to be casual? If not, maybe i should start my own business. But do what? I think i better get my resume ready before school starts. lol... sleep for now.

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