Monday, July 28, 2008

a good day out

we skipped chek jawa because i wasn't really prepared for it. Plus the rough sea ride plus transport to the conservation area, i think not.

went to my optical shop at Bt Panjang to try out new specs. I wanted to try on the Levi's ones, then found that the full thick plastic frames kinda made me look even more techy. So odd! The frameless ones weren't too suitable - the dark rings around my eyes appeared.

So turned to the Oakley cupboard again. Didn't want to look for another wire because my intention was to have a change. I think i tried a few - Dictate 2.0, Candidate, Rachet and Yardstick 1.1. Selected the last one because of the frame, which looked like a tiger's skin. 1.1 is a specialized version for Asian people.

Looks something like this

the damage was the same as my Straight Line. Horrific...

wanted to watch a movie, but Sentosa appeared in my mind. So off we went, had a long but light dinner before taking the monorail over. Finally saw for myself what Songs of the Sea is about. Sentosa itself changed a great deal since the last i visited. My last visit only had the Emerald and Sapphire Pavilion around the current Siloso Beach. Now, food joints etc. Such a mountain tortoise i am lah.

a happy day, a happy man, a happy girl...

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