Thursday, July 10, 2008

busy days ahead

took over jy's laptop, but unfortunately no time to look at it now. Tuesday evening was kept occupied by computers yet again. Bought a new 320GB drive and nested it into my computer. Then, out the old 320GB and into my server machine. Now i have a spare 160GB, which i'll bring it to office.

have been thinking of killing off the server due to increasing electrical costs. Some network functions such as DHCP and DNS were transferred to my linksys router some time back, now what's left are the file sharing and web server. This is considered easy to do, but i may need more processing power, which means an upgrade of my dual core CPU. Then, my server supplies DC power to fans that cool my fish tank (!) and gigabit switch. Have to rewire them to be powered by those Newstar boxes instead. Shall decide on the killing this month.

today's helpdesk has been disastrous. People wanting to reformat their laptops... someone who dropped her laptop and partially crashed the hard disk. There was this Jason whom i met weeks ago, chatting with me when she came. He's good at picking up girls. Thumbs up... lol. Was rushing out of office, so i let him do my work and he packed off the girls to Acer. I flew out of the office.

moses drove me to his place at Casa, to reformat his 3 computers that i built over the past 2 years. Have been delaying since the start of the year 2008. Surprisingly everything was done in 3 hours flat. Then we retreated to ichiban for dinner, and had a couple of discussions on his job, my job, my brother, driving etc. Has been 12 years since we knew each other; time flies...

what's going to happen tomorrow will be to get my financial portfolio back from my FA, send in my laptop for servicing, and a sequel to the sad girl's crashed laptop. Have to start with jy's laptop too.

i want my hair dye, facial and new specs NOW.

i want my new resume SOOOOON.

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