Sunday, June 22, 2008

what a day

was interested in switching my mobile operator. So decided on StarHub, since there is a good offer for a particular phone. Made an appointment with X to accompany me at 10am, i thought i was going to be really on time this time when something just had to happen -

fallen tree at Woodlands Rd, blocking all lanes towards Bt Panjang.

in the end, took a bus in the opposite direction back to Kranji, then took the same route (but diverted to skip fallen tree section). The bus driver ran out of time as a result, thereafter he floored the accelerator and gave the engine a good push until he reached Bugis. Reached Suntec safely, but 45 minutes later.

queued for a good 4 hours and got what i want. Got a free Nokia handset as well.

when i was claiming my free handset, saw Joyce manning the counter! lol..

shall reveal the phone when i get a screen protector for it...


Mockingbird said...

Hope you find StarHub's coverage okay. when i used StarHub, i always couldn't get a signal when i was in a lift. Don't have the same problem with SingTel.

zhiming said...

Hi mockingbird, was using starhub during my army daze. As what you said, reception problems. That was in 2004-2006. Since they're giving out 6 months free subscription, i decided to be generous and give them a try again!

hope they don't disappoint me!