Thursday, June 19, 2008

sidoarjo's man-made mud flow / volcano

i came across pictures of this mud flow. It was created 2 years ago, on 28 May 2006 due to faulty drilling procedures. If you think the mud flow is a small hole in the ground, read this: that crater has the ability to extricate 50-60 olympic swimming pools worth of mud in a day! Mind you, it's not mud at room temperature - hot sizzling mud with some stench. They tried dropping concrete balls to stop the flow. Stopped for 30 minutes on a particular day, then it resumed since, It continues to ooze mud as you read.

asked I, and yes, it seems it's a menace to the environment. Near her place too.

shall beef this posting up after my test on friday. Meanwhile, 3 links for your reading pleasure:

- Sidoarjo mud flow (Wiki)
- Impressive and powerful images of the impact (
- Recent satellite images of mud flow (NUS CRISP)

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