Tuesday, June 17, 2008

life goes on..

the certification test is this friday. Have to add some oil..

i'm distracted by something that i shouldn't think about again. Cannot say too much. Maybe blog about it privately if i can find the appropriate words.

FOCUS, zm. HK, help me rid the demon in me!

vomited just now. Had a splitting headache after having McD's spicy nuggets. Was feeling unwell, yet i binged on fries and the hot nuggets. The headache refused to go even after a while. Decided to get home from office with quick relief, so i did the necessary. What happened was a 15 minute hell in the toilet. The chilli from the yucky [fill in your own blank] is so overpowering that it choked my nose, throat and made me throw up again and again.

of course being a good boy, i cleared up the mess. But the aftereffects remained for an hour, until i got home. Was coughing in the train because some chilli bits remained in my throat and nasal passage. Yet have to hold it.

argh. No more spicy nuggets.

ps: what is the demon? It's a devil. Think creatively.

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