Tuesday, May 20, 2008

si ling and ccis gathering

on sunday, after the kayak, i received a complimentary ride from alvin to vivocity. We were late for 40 minutes, thanks to my guest, the jam at the vivo car park entrance, and then finding a lot after the jam. Then we talked about someone which i didn't really want to talk about. Since we have nothing much to do with each other anymore...

had dinner at Hong Kong Kim Gary cha chan teng. Not bad, and certain stuff are adapted to the local taste. For example, my supreme curry is real hot. In HK, even finding curry is a problem, not to mention about the chilli spices etc. The milk tea is alright, i'm not fussy and thus found it to be close to what i had there. Ambience wise, it looked like the typical restaurant, no reservations allowed though.

HK cuisine is still better to be experienced in HK itself... another example is imported dessert shops in SG. Taiwanese Ice Monster 冰馆 vs. HK Hui Lau Shan 许留山? Forget it... have both in Taiwan or HK instead.

but, hope to use the free 30% voucher by end of this month...

Many branches in HK itself, Malaysia and finally SGP

Ordered an appetizer - egg toast at $2.80 (NICE!)

yup, the chicken curry baked with swiss cheese - $9.90

Closer look...

had a heaty talk upstairs at the open area. Then received another ride thanks to JF's boyfriend. Not bad to drive for this kind of situation..

vesak day was largely spent with army kakis. Met at AMK, bought our housewarming gifts (all wine, sadly) and cabbed to Jason's new place. Very nice 4 roomer, simple yet a nice place to call as home. The original master bedroom was modified (toilet access, 1 side of wall and door hacked/removed) into an entertainment room, with glassed partitioning. Then the adjacent room was again modified (open toilet access and hacking of store room) into the master bedroom. Overall, very spacious. I think i'll get a resale next time too.

The host was cooking when we arrived

Pizza too!

Entertainment room, with PC, Wii, etc

I looked happy in my sleep

i think i'm not a good drinker. Drank around 1 cup of red wine, then felt so sleepy. While the rest were busy eating in the living room i silently opened the glass door, sat on the sofa and went to lalaland. Even when they came in, i continued to sleep. The same as my father in this aspect - drink beer/wine, then crash into bed almost immediately.

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