Saturday, May 17, 2008


nothing in particular to blog about, so just touch on what happened on fri:

met up with zw to collect the SAP material, and know what? It's thicker than last semester's books combined. Of course collect it on the first day of the course.

so we ended up going Clementi just to eat laksa and go home/work. lol..

My favorite stall in Arts Deck..

then we talked randomly, he mentioned his students to me. Some people just don't treasure what they have. They can only improve if they help themselves firstly... simple fact.

after the thick bee hoon laksa, i had 2 other mee - thin bee hoon from Koufu's ban mian stall, and 10 minutes ago, prawn u-mee. What a mee-ish day...

OTed abit to finish cleaning up around 11 workstations. I remember cleaning some of them 2 years ago when i just rejoined as staff. The amount of dust is wow.

private area updated..

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