Thursday, May 15, 2008

for computer part lovers only

i must admit this - in my computer hobby, i have a fetish for hard disk drives. Large, small, black, silver, whatever - i rike!

found some really old hard drives in my office. Most of them are from Quantum, which was the brand for recommendation only. Reason for choosing Quantum? Odd...

- the bottom (PCB) had a activity LED, which no other makers have
- the PCB is smaller, therefore a conclusion that it's advanced than others
- noisy. Yes, noisy. Love to hear hard drive seeking...

After Quantum HDD division was bought over by Maxtor (and now Maxtor by Seagate), i chose Western Digital drives. Pleased to say, non of my WDs died since 2001+...

i'd like to show them off here, from the oldest i found:

Quantum ProDrive LPS 420MB!

The backside - rather compact PCB that time

Quantum chip

Quantum ProDrive LPS 340MB

Conner (bought over by Seagate) CFS 850MB

Conner was the brand i hated. For my first PC, i changed the damned Conner hard drive at least 5 times. And it's this damn model =x

Look at the PCB. Yucks..

Enough of Conner. This is Quantum Fireball lct10 series, 10GB

Trademark Quantum chip

Pioneer SG - special reduced height drive

2.1GB, 2 platter technology

now, for the same amount of platters (internal recording disks), manufacturers can reach 640GB of space! Thanks to perpendicular recording technology. But the future is in solid state /flash drives (SSDs), which promise better speed. But it will take some time to beat magnetic recording in terms of capacities offered...

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RML said...

I have a 2.1GB Pioneer SG.... I use it as a pagefile drive. Works fine, though a bit loud.