Tuesday, April 22, 2008

exams looming

so hard to "k" books....

"stress pack" given by one of the Youth Club members

but i think i found the best motivator. Not the above though.

just now met sijie at my lift lobby; she was going to pass the stuff to my mum. Then we sat down at the kopitiam, i was going to dine and she was going to wait for her father. Interestingly, the kopi-sao i'm familiar with passed by, then something funny happened:

*whispering using lips* nu peng you ar?

*sweat, whisper back* bu shi bu shi x4!!

*nodding* shi la shi la!!

*noticed our silent communication, then face turned kanchiong* auntie, bu shi la!!

we all laughed... lolz. She's afraid of these stuff cause' she often dines with her Elvis there. I don't wish to get hacked for no reason too.

the zi char's boss saw me, then asked me about sat's dinner (no seats, had to take cabs to another place). I had quite a bad impression because of his reply to my father then, which i could roughly understand in cantonese. He apologized for the situation, so i was surprised. Then when his sis came over with my fried rice, she apologized too (!).

then we saw Anthony, Wenqun's bro. Friend, how come your brother's hairstyle looked rather odd? Anyway if he put on his uniform with 1x crab, i bet people will be shocked beyond words.

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