Friday, April 18, 2008

1st week of poly term

my life has been undergoing time warps recently. The load of projects and assignments came after the 2nd math quiz, making me quite lethargic, ironically. I'm supposed to gather my energy and work on them right? Those who know me well... know that this is dead wrong. That's why Melvin calls me a slacker, for a reason. shh...

so, my 'mother school' and workplace was extremely busy for this week. On monday, there were 7 night classes on. Just now, there were 9 night classes. Going to faint for the next 15 weeks...

had new colleagues onboard, and as all army guys know - newbies have to suffer for a while. So Anthony (DIT05) had to man the 2nd helpdesk created for freshies, while the old birds take care of the main helpdesk. He's quite motivated, and i was like him, staying beyond my alloted working hours to finish up things. But i'm been at it for a loooooong time, so my pace is slowing down.

think carefully...
j text-ed me far away from singapore, at another place in Asia. He was apparently going to let go. My friend, if you're reading this entry, remember my words. We friends can advise you based on whatever we heard from you, but you cannot take our advice alone. In the r/s, there are only 2 people. The rest are outsiders. And try not to complicate matters by operating a ferry service. Don't break ba chiu's heart unless your mind is set... i'm sure my friend got my meanings. :)

i just received the video clip of myself giving the short talk (an assignment) 3 weeks ago. Not bad... lol.

Natural not??

the long talk just finished today. Zw asked steve a question for the latter's presentation, and steve decided to pay us back by asking 'harsh' questions. At least this 'harsh' word was defined by my evaluator, not me!! But well, we all know at the end of the day, no feelings will be hurt.

was working with Google Maps API for past 2 days, for my GIS project. Quite satisfied with the API references, thumbs up for Google.

my private blog is clocking up posts. I'm sorry if anyone felt offended by my actions, because i prefer to keep love matters closer to my heart. Friends who understand me well will better appreciate my rationale. If you want to read, just let me know.

oh yes, better log down these NEEDS for this summer holiday:

- get a pair of white plastic specs (eww)... or lasik?
- go for dental
- get a hairstylist.. wanna plant some gold strands in my hair

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