Monday, March 10, 2008

wanna do a tutorial?

you don't need any notes nor knowledge. For those who are idling, try these exercises. If you're busy, don't close this screen, but do question 3. I assure you a fun read.

1. Type A or B - examine the first picture, then try the 7 questions.

Type A or B?

2. Locus of control - examine the second picture, then try the 10 questions.

Are you a pessimist or optimist?

when you're done with the 2, use the scoresheet in the third picture. Note, there's no right or wrong.


3. Girl and Sailor - read the comprehension, then rank the 5 characters in order of 'likeness'.

Girls in my class had different views of certain people in the case.
mn, do this!! wanna know what you choose..

i really want to know YOUR results! Tag it or tell me over msn!

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