Saturday, March 15, 2008

irrationality of some poly graduates

i just read a thread in hardwarezone, with 90% of the posters criticising the lack of places for poly grads.

before i attract flame baits, my position is from a ex-poly grad view. Think before any of you flame. I apologize for the strong words that follow.

my analysis is, many of the posters blame on a myriad of factors - foreign talent such as those from China (and narrow mindedly, only China because they really hate Ah Tiongs), 66.6% of the singaporeans who picked PAP as the government.

why not blame yourselves then? I understand the disappointment of those who worked really hard for 3 bloody years and couldn't get in. But if you dared to fool around like a playful shit in the 3 good years and getting by with just copying and little hard work, you've not helped yourself in the first place. If you think you're a natural genius and you can carry on your shrewd skills into university, face the cold hard truth. You have not helped yourself to move to greater heights in society by misusing and losing that chance (and money) of yours.

a number of posters follow the crowd - focus squarely on Chinese nationals, insisting that they have snatched the places from locals. Look - NUS and NTU's world ranking and prestige wouldn't be possible without their hard work. Would you want to study in a Singapore university that promises nothing except places for locals? Research quality will be compromised because of the lack of hardworking researchers. It results in a domino effect. Ranking drops, quality of students drop, the degree certificates are useless like banana notes.

next, another set of posters blame the government. This is unavoidable - the next few years will be a excruciating moment for the influx of poly grads who wish to pursue further studies. Planning is underway for the 4th university in the technological, design and business sectors. But the quota for existing institutions is increasing for the poly intakes. The only problem, how much more can the quota be stretched. Also, there's a 40% subsidy for you, provided you start work and take a part-time course in any of the big 3 and UniSIM. 40% is hell lot.

all in all, each of us have to ask - have we worked hard enough? Don't be a whining baby and expect the carpet to be laid up in front of you. Singapore is not a welfare nation such as those in Europe. Wake up or drop out.

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