Friday, February 1, 2008

school's starting

actually, it didn't stop. But it stopped in my state of sickness.

printed everything, but there's still a lot to accomplish. Next week is CNY, but not in the mood to take a breather.

spent half a day today to assemble my new rig - dual core processing finally. No regrets not getting the E8400 because the E2180 is really sufficient for my needs. Saved $200, hehe. The RAM bling bling looks good with green and red LEDs to show activity. Just did an organ transplant for my server; a small CPU upgrade to Pentium M 730J and 1GB more RAM.

New stuff on the block

Artistic picture by bro

At night

Bling bling RAM

Balls Tracer rounds

but i saw something shocking - the capacitor near the DIMM slots is bloated. Looks like the overclocking and heat and 24x7 uptime were too much for the internals to bear. Changed the exhaust fan and swapped in a better chipset cooler immediately. All overclocked settings went back to standard.

next is to mobilise my brother to solder in another new capacitor, and purchase a RAM cooler. Fingers crossed...

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