Monday, February 4, 2008

heavy snowing in China

some of us might have heard of heavy snows in China at this moment.

the chaotic scenes are extremely unfortunate. It's a combination of under-preparation and high amount of traffic - everybody is heading home for Lunar New Year.

although some of us dislike Chinese nationals due to a variety of reasons, it's good to know what's happening around us. I must say that whether we are Chinese from Singapore or China, it doesn't matter. Put those petty incidents away, and look at their national efforts. Singaporeans are far from being nationalistic. Some even want to run away should disaster strikes. Shame on us.

for those who have not visited China at all, you should, quickly. For one reason, environmental damage. Some sights can never be seen after great amounts of human intervention in nature.

Snow in Shanghai (source: Jianshuo)

Jianshuo's blog the part on why snow caused power failure is pretty surprising. The destructive power of frost.

News from China

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