Saturday, February 9, 2008


well, it was really short at 1.5hrs. It didn't seem like a real comedy either.

i believe the same hardship felt by SC is happening right now, in their society. The disparate balance between the rural poor and urban rich.

the most touching moment was perhaps the part where SC died. I could hear many packets of tissue being opened. I can also recall the industrial accident my father got into. Quite a parallel with the movie, except the movie was added some laughter with the ET. But when the accident happened 3 years ago, i didn't laugh.

SC's "son" is a female, which is a shocker to me.

i just feel moody now, so that's all for the review. Maybe the food was lousy. Maybe something else. The more i try to do something, the more it screws up. So, just forget it. However, take good care of yourself because everyone is falling sick around me. Good nite peeps.

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