Wednesday, January 16, 2008


funny, these days i don't really blog as much as i want to. Hopefully the 'urge' comes again. lol...

school officially started on monday. As usual i had problems with punctuality, and created a brand new poor start this semester. Of course i promise to work on it. Later monday evening was work. Heard of some disciplinary case, and i think the student ought to examine himself, as a character. It's tantamount to stealing. Shan't reveal more here because it's an open area.

then tuesday was lectures for MA1312 and CS2301. We were quite impressed with the lecturer for math, because he knew exactly what we were worried about - little foundation on calculus, even if there is any we were out of touch for 1-2 semesters, being there because the module is (just) a prerequisite for statistics, etc. His pace was good, at least for this lecture. Hope it remains this way! Then met up with WX, so the 3 of us were comparing our various trips to HK over the past month. Quite a difference in viewpoints actually.

Trivia: 1st time lecture was conducted by a Muslim.
Not a hardcore racist like !@#$, just a note here.

for CS2301 it was largely ok, except that assignment #1 was released to us already. Quite an abrupt shock. Bought the textbook using KF's co-op card, at $27.90 (10% discount). Now going to mop up the other textbooks soon.

there was a last minute change in schedule, so i went down to town for my favourite korean meal. This time round, the nice auntie established eye contact with me at the glass door at the foodcourt, then we "mutually agreed" on my order. lolz...

bought some modding stuff from Uvnium, and now my PC looks bengish. Lots of bling bling.

Some dust on my window. Oops...

There's a connector floating at the top. No choice.

there's a dimsum lunch for uni peeps this friday. Yummy...!

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