Sunday, January 20, 2008

dimsum buffet, family dinner

friday's lunch was dimsum buffet @ Excelsior Hotel's River City Restaurant with my uni mates - CS3214 mates minus Wang Yu, Wei Qiang and a female friend (not sure how to spell, sorry!).

i thought i was going to be late, so instead of 960 i took a train. Who knows, i ended up waiting for the rest to come 30 minutes later! Anyway its seldom like this, so i was glad to do that amount of waiting, while catching a breath.

it's kinda worth it - $11.90+++, excluding tea, wet tissue, govt taxes etc. For a local offering its good, but i preferred HK's Ho Choi.

The order chits

We called a lot more than illustrated here...

went back to office to prepare for sat's events. Then went to do my long-awaited banking stuff - update passbook, transfer money here and there, pay off cc bill, etc. Finally these are done. Got a couple of messages from msn, which i read and decided not to reply. I'm disappointed though, that i became a football in another person's eyes.

started sat with a busy start; printed A4 posters to stick on doors, so visitors and students know where to go. The events came and went without much ado.

dined with my parents at Vista Point's zi char, because my impression from the last meal with moses there was good. Indeed it didn't disappoint; the prawns and red snapper were well cooked without any smell. 5 dishes for $65 after discount.

came back from Vista Point with a bag of water as well. A pair of SAE and an unknown fish that i fished out together with the SAEs. The SAEs are darn hard to catch! Fast swimmers that dart around the tank. The netting was kinda useless. Cleaned my fish tank, removed the slimy black-green algae a.k.a BGA (actually bacteria) from the leaves this time.

read more online, and found that algae crew might be useless. The answer to preventing the slime from coming back is to stop the bacteria from multiplying. Let's see the interim measures so far:

- aeration of water (done, changing airpump and adding airstone soon)
- reduced lighting duration to reduce heat and photosynthesis (done)
- changing light bulb
- CO2 to reduce pH
- additional algae crew, yamato shrimps and otos to rid other resident algae

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