Sunday, December 9, 2007

terminal 3 open house

sat was the LAST weekend i did maintenance for labs, in 2007. Was quite a slow start, then finished with a bang with a complete inspection of 1 lab. Found that those non-scroller mice tend to get vandalised. So tit-for-tat, i won't replace it with a brand new scroller. Just use a working cover from the past faulty ones :p

then i rushed down to T3 via 72 then 27, with lunch at CS in the middle. Remembered that the Simlim korea stall has a branch at CS' Food Junction, so off i went. But the lady wasn't as friendly, and worse of all the seafood toufu soup had missing items - the cockles! Vegetables were miserably cut, everything were in minute quantities, except for the egg and prawns. The prawns weren't deshelled too =x

what a booboo, i took the wrong direction for 27. Until i confirmed with the driver, he coolly replied "T3? i just came from there" -.-"

$1 for self tour, $3 for guided tour.
Actually you can just walk a lil' slower and listen to the guides even with $1.

B2 - There's a Kopitiam foodcourt, Yakun, etc etc

One of their lifts - much more lifts in T3

Level 2 - Departure level

Across the check-in rows, green walls create a cool and scenic feeling

Check-in row #3 - cool air directed to the area via those holes

Crossroad - Departure gate, entry into Transit Mall

This seat isn't hard. Try it when you're there

All these for $1.

Entering the Transit Mall (restricted area)

At the Crossroad - in this direction is 'B' departure gates.
The other direction was closed to public.

Quite a number of shops in TMall.

Clear view of the existing runway.

Departure gates B1 to B4. Open concept

Closed to the public, because it links to T1's restricted area.

Done with the Transit Mall, going down to Arrival level

Closer look at Green Wall, background is Belt 48

Sandstone Art Wall

girls do take note! There's a powder room in the Transit Mall, in the direction towards 'A' departure gates! In the booklet it is supposed to be an ultra-chic dressing room, make-up area and restroom. Argh, so unfair to guys.

since the restricted areas are linked, i can probably ask my parents to tour T3 next year. But it will be an ultra long walk, since SIA's short haul flights remain at T2 (imagine walking from T2 to T1 then to T3 and back).

then rushed to Queensway to buy my footgear for the kayak course. This nike cost me $52, sigh. Then dinner was curry mee at Lucky Plaza, plus Dome's tropical fruity gelato and ice lemon tea. Dome is good (not because of the food =x). Shopped in Orchard for HK's greeting cards, and i bought my Braun Ear-nose trimmer for $25 at taka's sale.


the trimmer is good. No need for scissors anymore. But there was a pesky long one, which i had to pluck it out myself. Gory details private. Tata~

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