Wednesday, December 26, 2007

hong kong december 2007 - day 7

day 7 (24th) - Victoria Peak, Mongkok (Ladies and Sportswear Street), Sham Shui Po (Apliu and GCC), Olympic, Kowloon
today's breakfast, we decided KFC. So we went to the nearest branch just 2 blocks away, at the Argyle Center. The verdict? Cheapest breakfast so far, and the meal's decent.

Sincere House

KFC, each set for HKD23.50

after the heavy rain over the night, the clouds really cleared up, so it was an excellent day to go up the Peak. Went to Central and took a walk through their CBD to the Peak Tram Terminal. Got there at 10.30am, the queue at the ticketing counter was surprisingly short. The view at the Sky Terrace was clear and cool. Natural aircon rushed towards us, couldn't really bear to go down.

Funicular tram

Clearest skies since many days

did today's (only) shopping at the Peak Tower mall; a Hard Rock cafe and Gumps t-shirt. After i overspent at Citygate Outlets, my wallet is locking itself up.

lunch was at Mak's Noodles, finally. The crowd proved the shop's popularity - the only mee shop with a queue outside, and we witnessed a guy calling 3 bowls of noodles (for himself), another lady calling 2 bowls of noodles (for herself), both with oyster-veggie. Each bowl was rather ex though, above HKD28. Due to budget constraint, we skipped the Ocean Park and went to Mongkok's Ladies and Sportswear Street for shopping.

Mak's Noodles

Ladies Street

Lucky Dessert - an alternative to HLS

i'm interested in a Birkenstock, but there don't seem to be any discounts for it anywhere. The standard price is HKD689 so far. Shall continue looking... hmm.

evening was spent walking around Sham Shui Po's Apliu Street (recently there was a HK drama on it) and Golden Computer Arcade. The GCA is damn huge, just took a short walk around. It seemed to be the locals' favourite as i saw 4-5 PS3 transactions in just 5 minutes!

Apliu St

Cheap DVI/HDMI cables

after dining at Ajisen, we took a walk to Nam Cheong and went to Olympic City 2. Not much of stuff, but there's a bowling alley. The pricing wasn't attractive though; a minimum of 4 games required (1 game = HKD36). Left Olympic for Kowloon's Elements. Elements is a rather high-end shopping mall with 5 major zones (the 5 fengshui elements). It was naturally out-of-reach to us, since we already overspent.

Saw this outside OC2's toilet

Olympic City 2

Elements - very posh shopping

the countdown was spent at Langham Place again, with my friends clocking in major purchases (Levi's jeans and Laosmiddle bags). I just sat by and relaxed =x

Langham Place

i'm still the highest spender at $1.7k. Although both of them are trailing by SGD20-30 only... =(

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