Thursday, December 6, 2007

back to work

i drank the pint of heineken, and got somewhat drowsy (i'm a poor drinker). Quickly hopped into bed and slept. But it was an uneasy sleep as i kept fidgeting. Even woke up early at 9am, but with a heavy head.

perhaps it's because of the hacking of the flooring outside my house. It's so darn loud, and worse of all, dust from the hacking. Traces of it were on my padlock, door frame, etc. Argh.

went cwp for an early lunch, then off to nyp. Was quite busy from the start - part-time students asking where their presentation is, me kena pulled by a lecturer to solve a problem at the LT. The LT proved to be a real problem, because i had to be there to ensure the switchover between lecturers happened smoothly from 12-2pm.

happened to see the briefing by TK, SH etc to year 2 DBI juniors on OPP. It was more of a travel presentation i felt - scenery of Hangzhou, girls of Suzhou (no offense to the presenter). Nevertheless it's good to have such professional exchanges at a polytechnic level, which wasn't available during my time.

the night was spent on clearing my lab. Took out all the power extensions and network cables that we put in much effort to do. Cos the tables are going upstairs, yet coming back down next year. So much is repetitive work, oh well...

Dismantled so much of stuff in an evening.
But i'm not a superman! Don't treat me as one also!

had a short chat with wl. She's pretty much on track to the java submission, so i'm quite amazed for that. Also came were questions related to NUS' computing - i think i should summarise my advice and related life experiences in a few points:

- if you are selected to join SIT as DT, congrats. But think carefully before you sign on the dotted line (eg. do you really need the money?). Also, university curriculum changes rapidly, sometimes as a disadvantage to later batches. So you're forewarned.

- depending on which stream (EC, IS, CS, CM, CE) you enroll in, the syllabus varies. BUT

- generally, any coursework is research-based, and is quite a potent dose.

- the last study semester is a litmus test of your ability to cope later, regardless of discipline. If you break, you'd break every semester in university (i'm dead serious on this point)

- don't be hindered by your own thoughts. If you think it isn't possible, then it's surely impossible. (vice versa)

- if you dare to try, you'll be rewarded.

what does these mean? I welcome you as a senior, to hell. Should i say hell in NUS is better than anywhere else? =x

of course my ex classmate Jeff will try to gather votes for SMU's SIS in the coming NYP talk. Haha... both are good :)

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