Saturday, December 15, 2007

3 more days plus interesting statistics

to Hong Kong! Anybody wants to send me off? Flight's timing is 8.05am, T2 on SQ860! It's so early though, doubt anyone will do it. zz.

have been very lethargic because of night shifts. It's always the case - sleep late, wake up late, the day is gone and next step is to work. Then the vicious cycle repeats.

during the course of closing the whole block, i'd have to push in all chairs and turn off all monitors (the standby LED is not allowed). Of course, all doors have to be secured via locks or the card reader. So let's talk statistics for these nights - i've worked 8 continuous night shifts, which means i would have pushed in 8x550 chairs, which means 4400 chairs plus 4400 flips of the monitor switch. And secured 8x80 = 640 doors, including those in the lecture theatres.

no wonder my right wrist is feeling so "lemony".

but night shifts no more! Swapped with V my shift on monday, thus i'll work the day instead. Then more time for me to pack my luggage and sleep early.

sad to say i'm only planning the Macau and Shenzhen leg of the tour now. Macau is getting very confusing because of the street names - my hotel (Sintra) is along this road called Avenida S. Joao IV. Omg... need some time to learn the names. Shenzhen? It's a half day trip via KCR rail, so i'll just cover 3 places nearby the Luohu border.

wish me luck; i'm going for kayaking training course @ PA kallang. It's 10am-5pm, across sat and sun. And here i'm, still typing away.

cheers friends!

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