Sunday, December 30, 2007

梁靜茹 - 今天情人節 2007 (post event)

was late cos' of dinner at harbourfront. Then went holland when driving into Indoor Stadium. But not exactly late, everyone was still scurrying into the stadium at 8.30pm. Soon after she started belting out songs after songs.

Tickets sold out!

most songs were past hits, which i guess many of us like. She also brought out some songs from her latest j'Adore album as well, such as C'est La Vie, 101 and 原來你也唱過我的歌 (which i really like).

Sea of light sticks

the guest singer was Mayday's Ah Xin. Many girls above me were screaming their lungs out when he sung 温柔. Haha...

she appeared to finish her concert at 11pm after a teary
勇气, but everyone was asking for more - she reappeared and belted out many more short pieces and finally ended at 11.30pm.

Enjoyed a good karaoke session there

all in all the concert was worth the money. She is really the queen of love ballets. No special stunts nor sexy outfits, but her sincerity in singing every song was 101%. I wished she included more songs from her new album though.

j'Adore - 会呼吸的痛

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