Sunday, October 28, 2007

waters are overly calm

settled all the little outstanding stuff today. Even went back to NYP to settle some paperwork for the coming audit, luckily there is supply of cold air. Where, it remains a secret =x

went over to blk M and Q to note down the configuration of 7 labs, saw some unusual peeps - i knew a girl from dmd, and she was in the fypj lab happily looking into her dual screen Mac G5. With the lights off. I thought i saw a ghost =x

then another guy walked pass me at blk M's level 4 entrance, then we met again at blk Q level 3's entrance. His card obviously couldn't enter ELQ, so he waited nearby for me to tap mine. Actually i was afraid mine won't be recognized since i've not tried accessing on a sunday, but the reader gave the nod. Heng ar...

the strangest thing was that he is a student, looking for labs to use. Fine, but on a sunday? Where on earth did he get the idea that school is open?

then a couple knocked on my door while i was peeling my prawn just now. Didn't inform me.. *bish* at least i can put some air freshener, tidy my table, etc. lolz. I soon discovered their real purpose...

Notice what's on the screen? Patches of green.

2 pairs of eyes on the greens -.-"

wenqun and i gossiped over relationship stuff, what's happening on my side. Teacher agreed with me; there isn't something called an 'ideal' lover. Policeman kinda asked me why i'm so stubborn after so long... it's built into myself i guess. Borrowing the priority-and-options phrase from someone to sum up, i'll say that i'm not treating her as just an option, but also not the highest priority for now. It has to be a mutual thing. Prefer to let things flow slowly.

i can feel my temper getting worse lately (maybe this explains the need for a girl to be with me =x). At cwp, 3 boys reset the selections on the lift controls using the well known trick. I nearly snapped at the 3 of them. Then my hand went forward to press my floor again. Figured out that if i couldn't control myself, i will punch the controls, pull one of them back and yell.

both of them are bad. Teased me on my football knowledge =p

waixin just told me that the one-off online S/U revocation system is available to login. I was thinking; if i got a D for MA1505 i'll seriously consider to un-S/U my grade. But, the grade is worse - F.

MA1505 and ST2334 will be my nemeses in NUS. But i must conquer them in the next 2 (and my last 2) semesters. *sigh*

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