Tuesday, October 9, 2007

toiling (re)starts

just to report, it's week 8 of this semester 1 for AY 07/08 .

my deadlines are looming -
- 22 oct: CS3265 report
- 25 oct: CS3214 system analysis report
- 2 nov: CS2250 video submission
- 14 nov: GEK1531 final test (no exams yipeeee)
- 15 nov: CS3214 final system release

- 22 nov: my birthday (right smack in the study week AGAIN)
- 27 nov (evening): exam
- 28 nov (morning): exam
*end of agony*

my days ahead until the final system release will be more painful than what happened during the recess week. How to study for GEK1531, i wonder too. =(

had a chat with Chia over dinner just now. He was concerned for my box-office, which i had no time and motivation to do anything to it. The feeling simply sucks when a person is treated like a dead person - everything goes into a coffin. Shucks, enough of this. Still very angry with certain people. But i'm just a small fry that no one will see. Just wish to steer clear and far away from these self-centered minds.

i was thinking aloud my plans to him for my remaining year in NYP. Since i have been spending almost 2 years with deep immersion in lab setup/maintenance, it's high time i do some programming and be much less involved in the labs.

by the next week i will be proposing to my manager that i roll out the improved inventory system coded by Reyas in december, followed by really taking on the role as programmer for eHelpdesk application enhancement until i graduate from NUS in 2008.

but then he has also said - when people think of setting up labs, they think of me. It was a different impression for Reyas, so he has been able to concentrate on programming all these while. The easiest way out is managerial support for my tasks, provided i really produce results (which i will given the state of my box-office now).

now i understand why he has been able to withstand some bad press but the management still stood by his side - there is a certain positive disposition he has displayed in his working attitude and treatment towards colleagues. What is probably missing is the extra consideration towards 'customers' at the helpdesk, that's all.

that being said, i'm of the belief that its not only technical knowledge that determines a person's competency. Many other small yet superficial factors apply, even such as how a person organizes his/her table and furnishing, or the attitude towards similar rank-and-file colleagues or 'customers' at work - tells volumes about his/her management of every single matter.

i admit i'm a little messy though =x

anyway i will stop talking about my work here. For the ex-nypians the fastfood centre and foodcourt has been renovating for weeks already. Mac just re-opened.

Much brighter

Grinning Gecko and Splash 'n' Decker are still here

Koufu is still not ready.
Sad to see the old furnishing go - it has been there since my time

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