Friday, October 12, 2007

my fish died :(

first and foremost i have to report the death of my resident algae eater, Mr SAE (Siamese Algae Eater). It was when i was feeding my fishes, then realised he (maybe a she, not too sure) didn't appear to grab the food, which he would normally do. Even if he didn't, he would reappear after a day or two.

then i searched the corners of the tank, he was nowhere to be found.

i searched the area in front of the tank, nothing either. Finally popped my head to the rear of the tank and found a dried corpse :(

File picture - this isn't Mr SAE 2007, but Mr SAE 2003.

Back in 2003 i bought a nice killifish, he was forever smiling. lolz...

then at the toilet i found a xiao-qiang. Drowned it instantly. Argh.

today was quite a slacking day - i was late for CS3265 meeting, which i'm again so paiseh for - they were all waiting for me to issue orders. So the next 1 hour we discussed about the report sections; facilitated whatever i can and we went down to Megabites for a meal. Remember Huiming was mentioning it in her blog, wondering whether this is the one.

Science converted a lobby and passageway into a mini cafe selling western food

Not bad for $4.50. But BJ takes the honour though.

while waiting for 97 at the dover bus stop, i met this particular girl.. she attracts me because she's rather cheerful whenever i saw her in the labs. Of course, she's really my type. She was standing nearby, but went in front of me, to sit at a chair facing the other way (facing me directly). Funny i thought; since the rest of the chairs were empty. Actually should have went up and get to know her, but.... shy lah. It's the same thing when Kelvin tried to introduce me to Tingli. No movements till now. Can someone give me thicker skin to approach a girl i want to know and ask for her number? alamak....*slap forehead*

at NYP school is starting next week; i can observe a heightened atmosphere - some staff went up to my manager to request these and that. Level 6 had some last minute shockers (yes, some workers literally got shocked), but its well on the way for usage next week. Heard that there were some timetable hiccups, so some peeps might have to reprint their timetable.

from my understanding it's kinda inevitable, since staff and students of SIT(EI) are joining our block this semester onwards. There will surely be some mayhem due to unfamiliarity in the first 4 weeks, so i shall keep my fingers crossed. Need to ask Choo how to operate and troubleshoot the new touch screen for the LTs, so i won't be so paiseh when i'm down there with hundreds of peeps looking =x

my helpdesk duties are greatly cut down though. Planning to keep it this way, at least until after 15 nov.

SE k850i finally arrived on our shores - the key differences from k800/810i are the 5mp camera (plus the automatic lens cover), directional keys being merged into a ring surrounding '2' and '5', touch-sensitive top row keys, and side lighting (blue and green).

the price is fantastic as well. iPosh and Mobilesquare are selling it for exactly $850.

i'm planning to get it, but not at this ridiculous price. Will probably go for it when it's nearby the $600 mark.

anybody wants to takeover my U600 white? The screen protector has been on since day 1, so the condition is somewhat 9.5/10. 0.5 for the age.

Can you sense the aura? =)

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