Saturday, October 20, 2007

hk's new stardom

my kelly's concert went up in smoke! 2 guys actually met earlier and went around arts to search for the ticketing booth. After conquering many flights of staircases (read: NUS = National University of Staircases) and ending up at Central again, we realised one problem after looking at the poster for the 3rd time. The ticket issue was on the 18th, and concert on the 19th at LT27!

2 blur cocks mistook the date!!! One of them is me! =(

nvm, went for lecture. This is the worst lecture i ever sat in, because some inconsiderate peeps were talking loudly as though they own the place. Those darn freshies wake up your idea. *pissed*

CS3265 project discussion was wrapped up just now. Was quite disappointed because i can sense some half hearted-ness in getting the project report done. I can only do so much to straighten out ambiguous statements. I still don't see the point of doing much effort in CS3214, then see the rest of the modules suffer. Isn't it lppl?

actually left earlier to meet the girls for dinner, but due to the bus 95 getting stuck outside NUH i sadly had to tell them to go ahead. Things always go haywire when i want it to be smooth... sigh. Went to simlim to have my favourite korean meal, then HK called me. Went for an unplanned trip to level 4 and 5, then watched him splurge $386 on his new storage case.

Bell was selling Pentium III 600MHz Slot 1 cartridges. Vintage items.

Lethal combo - WD 320GB and 2-bay Firewire/USB storage device

Small, but weighted a ton

One of the drive bay.

The available connectors and drive setup option

together with simon we walked through the suntec food court. I was telling kay that i realised myself unconsciously avoiding some places jun and i always frequented in the past, especially the ones we went just before the breakup. Suntec foodcourt, Kuishinbo, Lau Pat Sat, Amoy Street hawker centre, BJ's kino were some of them. I never stepped into Kuishinbo since my last meal with her there. No prizes for guessing why.

maybe i don't want to affect my own recovery or 胡思乱想. So i guess when i'm ready for another relationship, it's when i will find courage to visit these places again, by myself. I'm well on my way, luckily =)

before heading home went over to jac's place to do the 'door trick'. No more donuts for me cos' her father took the remaining 2. Hiakhiak...

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