Friday, September 14, 2007

说一套做一套 II / 小动作 I

if Chevrolet, Daihatsu, Suzuki (and maybe Nissan) get increased sales because of this blog, i want all of them to give me a Honda Jazz! Any colour is fine with me, preferably white or yellow, or even passion red! =x

instead of working on what is really needed, i went for a spin in Mobtv. Thanks to you!

so i downloaded Hey Gorgeous! episode 1 and 2, because i was on night shifts when the shows came on. Going to watch them later. After that, i found 2 very familiar gals in Code Red's last episode. Michelle ar michelle.. why never show your face more in the show *grin*

说一套做一套 II
ok now let's tune the focus back to the 说一套做一套 post.

assuming the pseudo character of Chevrolet, it was a fun 1 hour trying to compose that piece of reel story. But the revelation as observed in the comments section was closer to scary. Following that relevation, i don't know whether to thank or condemn Google, because its search algorithms are simply darn good.

i must see whether i can harness the power of Google too. This is Project 小动作. I'm not going to say how i'm going to do it. Essentially, i turn the tables in my favour using Google's algorithms.

Daihatsu and Suzuki invited me to Sakae, coincidentally a Japanese restaurant for a meal. Daihatsu was angry because Suzuki was called Suzuki, which he preferred something else. Ok bro, i give your sweetheart a new name - Mitsubishi? lol...

Daihatsu and Suzuki had a hard time posing for this photo

Because no matter what problems they have, they are always in sunshine!
I'm like a darn lamp post.

The 3 car makers - Chevrolet, Daihatsu and Suzuki. Oh no er, Mitsubishi.

PS: i have to clarify that Nissan is not you. No intention to stir up the past.

PS 2: don't bother speaking up because you're right - the more you speak the more you reveal yourself. A person's words can cut both ways if the intention is crooked from the start.

editor's note: Daihatsu and Suzuki, i managed to scour Google's netcache to find that stuff. The content is hosted here. It's password protected, so refer to your sms. The userid and password can be redistributed, no worries.

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