Sunday, August 5, 2007

simlim action

many people know simlim is the place to get electronic stuff. But most of them won't know there are so many carrot head choppers lurking around. And some dare you, the customer, to call in police because they know nothing can be done to them for selling water goods/lemons/incomplete packaged goods.

be alert and check! Some don't include GST into the quoted price until you pay the bill, or take some stuff out and attempt to sell to you as "accessories". Like batteries, pouches and what not.

today i went over to shop for the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter 8000. I was in Skylet when i heard a woman saying something over the PA - "all security guards to level 2 NOW"!

then of course, many Singaporeans are busybodies (including me). Word passed around that there was a fight in a Level 2 shop. When i went out, the party has already dispersed to the security counter, where an indian lady was gesturing wildly. I guessed the shopkeeper tried to slap her from her actions. Cool.

in the end, i didn't buy the mouse. Fuwell was selling it at $165, but i remembered somewhere was selling for $147.90. I thought that 'somewhere' was in Funan, but what i found there was $179. Oh no, where did i see that $147.90 sticker???

on the way home i decided to carry out the duties of ticket inspector for SMRT Buses. Was complaining about 960's frequency last weekend, and after visual checking of 4-5 buses coming out from Marina Bay, i'm confident i can get PTC to investigate:

- 15-20 mins frequency, above guaranteed of 12-15 mins
- woodlands bound buses were typically overloaded after Bugis Village bus stop (crazy)
- further violation of overloading and standing on steps rule

SMRT Buses, good luck. I'm really pissed at the service quality yet you proposed a fare hike. Gonna make your corp comms dept suffer.

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